Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the Colegio Roosevelt Community,

Situated in the eastern suburbs of Lima, Peru, Colegio Roosevelt is surrounded by a growing city; arid hills to the east reminding all there is a vast and diverse country welcoming us to journey the rolling mountain tops, lush plateaus, and deep green valleys.  Towards the west of the campus, the city starts low and increasingly grows taller as it nears the cliffs and shorelines that edge with the Pacific Ocean-a gateway to the world.  Like the surrounding geography, Colegio Roosevelt is distinctly Peruvian and uniquely international with a global flare. And so, begins the context for the Colegio Roosevelt experience. 

Whether big or small, new or legacy, teacher or student, family, staff or administrator, Colegio Roosevelt is committed to ensuring our mission gives direction and purpose to our learning and our work to empower students to pursue their passion for learning, lead lives of integrity and create socially responsible solutions. As such, we hope the young people we teach and nurture learn to stretch their wings with the pride and confidence of a Condor; with a firm belief in self, deep respect for others, and an unwavering commitment to advancing local and global communities.

Founded in 1946, Colegio Roosevelt is firm in its commitment to community, teaching, learning and building upon a legacy of Condors who reach around the world and carry with them the embodiment of what defines our great School.

  • Colegio Roosevelt is a community. Once a Condor always a Condor- a lifetime of belonging.

  • Colegio Roosevelt is a community of integrity. Condors embrace challenges with unique solutions, open minds and big hearts in hopes to make an impact in society.

  • Colegio Roosevelt is a community of integrity that values diversity. Condors believe diverse peoples, cultures, values, and experiences, are necessary to innovate and create in a complex and fast changing world.       

  • Colegio Roosevelt is a community of integrity that values diversity and therefore is committed to being inclusive. All Condors share in building a safe learning environment where learners, teachers, friends, mentors, and families are welcomed and respected to take risks in designing unique contributions for the advancement of our school, the community, society and the world.  

Whether you are a student who embraces a love for learning, a family in search for a school, a teacher in search for purposeful passion in the world of education, a staff member who wants to join a dedicated team of colleagues, and/or a leader who seeks a dynamic, connected-community for innovation and excellence, Colegio Roosevelt welcomes you.

We are Colegio Roosevelt!

Patricia Marshall