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The aim of this message is to encourage you to support a wonderful initiative called: BUY A HAT!By buying an alpaca wool hand-knitted hat you are helping Misión Huascarán textile program, called "Tejiendo Esperanza" (Knitting Hope). The profits of the hats will benefit with additional income a group of enthusiastic and compromised knitters of Ushno who live near the Huascarán peak at 7,000 f.a.s.l. Misión Huascarán partners with FDR to promote the sustainability of this project. The administration of the school approved that the hats could be worn during school hours.


  • Misión Huascarán is a non-profit project for peasants located in the remote district of Mancos, province of Yungay (at) in the Ancash region of Peru (near the Huascaran peak).
  • This project has been run by FDR parents and Pro Ecclesia Sancta; it has received (and continues to receive) FDR parents and students as volunteers who support all the charitable work that is done there.
  • Misión Huascarán volunteers will be selling the hats on Wednesday, September 20, at the PAC entrance from 7:00am to 12:30 pm. Each hat will cost 60 soles and they will only accept cash.

    Misión Huascarán thanks FDR families for their support!