Board of Directors

What is the role of the Colegio Roosevelt Board of Directors?
The primary role of the Board at Colegio Roosevelt is to be the keeper of the mission and the core values of the School. The Board also has the legal fiduciary (financial) responsibility and, in this role, exercises great care of the resources of the School. The Board is charged with causing the creation of the long-range strategic plan for the School and assuring the implementation of the plan. Each board member actively promotes the School’s mission while accepting accountability for the financial and strategic future of the institution.

How is the Board of Directors of Colegio Roosevelt composed?
Colegio Roosevelt has a 12-member board. Each member brings unique personal experiences from a diverse variety of professional backgrounds. The collective experience of the Board provides a comprehensive, overall perspective that supports the Superintendent and helps the School prosper.

How is the Board structured?
Board Meetings occur nine times each year. Board members commit to three year terms and these terms can be renewed up to three times. The Board accomplishes much of its work in its committees. These committees bring recommendations to the full Board for approval. Current committees include: Finance, Audit & Risk, Building and Grounds, Policy, Scholarship, Integrity and Trustees. The Board also has ad hoc committees that may operate for a limited period for a specific purpose. Committee membership is an annual commitment. In addition, the Board has an Executive Committee that includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

What types of decisions are made?
The Board works in collaboration with the Superintendent on a variety of activities:

  • establish annual goals for the School,
  • approve the annual capital & operational budgets, 
  • audit the School financial records conduct formal strategic planning,
  • adopt policies,
  • approve major initiatives that will impact the whole School (such as the building projects associated with the implementation of the Master Plan).

How does someone become a member of the Board of Directors?
Each year, the Committee on Trustees engages in succession planning to assess the needs for the following years. Candidates are encouraged to participate in Committees. After a vetting process, the Committee on Trustees puts forth recommendations for membership to the full Board. Membership is a voluntary service. Each member donates substantial time, talent, and support to the mission of the School.