Board of Directors

The primary functions of the Board of Directors is to ensure adherence of the School to the mission statement and core values through development of School policies.
This includes the development of policies that ensure sound financial and administrative operation of the school. Proposals for new policies or changes in the existing ones may be initiated by one or more Board members, any Board Committee, or by the Head of School.

In accordance with these principles, the Board of Directors views its function to be the specific duties contained in the bylaws of Instituto Educacional Franklin Delano Roosevelt; specifically, but not limited to:

    1. Approving the school mission statement and proposing modifications
      when necessary.
    2. Adopting, modifying, and eliminating policies for the sound operation of the school in accordance with the school mission statement.
    3. Providing, through the exercise of its legal powers, the facilities and other resources necessary for effective operation of the school.
    4. Selecting and hiring a Head of School, defining his/her duties, and supporting and evaluating the Head of School in the discharge of his/her duties. A formal, annual evaluation of the Head of School will be conducted.
    5. Funding new positions upon the recommendation of the Head of School.
    6. Approving salaries and benefits for school personnel.
    7. Adopting an annual budget considering the recommendations of the administration and the Finance Committee.
    8. Requiring and evaluating the reports of the Head of School concerning operation and the financial status of the school.
    9. Assisting the administration in presenting the needs and progress of the educational program to the school community.
    10. Assessing its own effectiveness in yearly self-evaluations.
    11. Establishing Board committees.