Classroom Without Walls

Classroom Without Walls (CWW) trips are a highlight of the year and offer our students to learn through experience.

Philosophy of CWW trips at Roosevelt:

  • Students and teachers spend time together, learn about each other & build community
  • Students will engage in learning experiences that cannot be duplicated in the classroom
  • Together, we celebrate the beauty and wonder of Peru


Each grade level has a CWW experience that maximizes the opportunity to realize these goals. Usually, trips leave in September or October to maximize community building and the confidence that is gained by the independence and responsibility that each student experiences. A great deal of time is spent preparing students for their trip as well as reflecting after the trip to ensure the experience transfers to school life.

Grade level location learning goals
Grade 6 La Cantuta Building Community and Independence.
Grade 7

Iquitos and the Amazon Jungle Science based experiences, animal population, amazon culture, service experience.
Grade 8

Cusco, The Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu

History of the Incas, culture of the Incas including crafts and agriculture, service experience.

Grade 9 Cajamarca Allows students to broaden their horizons, connecting topics they learn about in class to what happens outside of school. In support of the FDR mission, students learn through experience and use their knowledge to create socially responsible solutions. Spending time reflecting, while staying amongst a community other than their own broadens their horizons and allow them to see issues from multiple perspectives.
Grade 10 Lunahuaná

This trip provides our students the opportunity to practice the skills involved in low-environmental-impact camping and requires them to work at social responsible solutions with Lunahuaná community, as well to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.
Grade 11 Tambopata Research Center, Peruvian Amazon A major part of both the Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies syllabi is Ecology. There is no better place to study Ecology than in the field and in the Peruvian Amazon. Students will spend their time experiencing the jungle and conducting their own research in the field.