The Arts

"It's Not Just About Creativity,
It's About The Person You're Becoming
While You are Creating!"     Charlie Peacock

At Colegio Roosevelt the curricular arts programs offer opportunities through music (general music, music ensembles), theater (acting, directing and playwriting), and art (drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, digital photography) for students to pursue their passion in artistic creativity. Through being practitioners in different artistic forms and traditions, students become a member of the community of artists. By being aware of the cultural contexts that inform perception and creativity students begin to see their own work with deeper understanding.

The Arts Office

Betty Lin
The Arts Director


High School Art Gallery

Colegio Roosevelt is a leader in arts education in Lima. Colegio Roosevelt is a place where all students including the gifted as well as exploring artists, dramatists and musicians can pursue their passion for learning through authentic experience and guidance. Our commitment to this is seen in our curricular and co-curricular offerings that provide students the stage or the canvas to share their art with our community and beyond by participating in school exhibitions, concerts, and performances as well as in events held by worldwide organizations including ISTA (International Schools Theater Association) and AMIS (The Association for Music in International Schools). We also participate yearly at all levels at ADCA (Asociación de Colegios Privados de Asociaciones Culturales) music, visual arts, and dance festivals and at the middle school and high school levels, the AMIS international music festivals. All High School students are offered the opportunity to attend the SAAC (South American Activities Conference) Fine Arts Festival which includes strands of band, choir, drama, strings, and visual arts so they can collaborate with other students from across South America. 

The High School students through an application process can become members of the ITS (International Thespian Society), NAHS (National Art Honor Society), and Tri-M (affiliate of the National Association for Music Education). We believe that the arts is an excellent form of expression to engage with our surrounding world and can offer social solutions with integrity with work involved in these honor societies. 

FDR's Performing Arts programs with our purpose built classrooms, state of the art proscenium theater, black box theater, and film studio offer students an excellent opportunity to explore all areas of the arts from production to performances and exhibitions.

Students in the Early Childhood (EC) and Elementary School ((ES) Kindergarten through 5th grade) arts programs have weekly music classes taught by specialist teachers. For visual arts this begins in Kindergarten. EC3 and EC4 classroom teachers in the meanwhile offer transdisciplinary units that are rich in arts learning that encompass artistic knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills development.

The Middle School arts program is built on the experiences from elementary school, as all students participate in at least one form of visual or performing arts in the curriculum throughout Middle School. As we believe that choice empowers, in grades 6 - 8, students are exposed to a variety of arts opportunities and are encouraged to take part in these to discover their artistic path. Arts subjects offered in Middle School include visual arts, drama, concert band, strings and choir.

High School students generally choose an area of arts focus to delve into more deeply, and students who choose to continue onto the Diploma Program (DP) may concentrate on at least one art discipline - music, theater, or visual arts. Students will have developed an inquiring, reflective approach to their work as well as a deeper understanding of the role of the arts in society and the world, and in their own lives. This is connected authentically with the unique Theory of Knowledge learning that is so rich in the arts. Artistic expression, reflection, evaluation, collaboration and communication are intrinsic to the beliefs and values held in Colegio Roosevelt's arts programs.