FDR Swimming Academy is open for FDR students EC3 - 12 and for FDR faculty / staff/ current FDR parents.

Dear FDR community, 

We will offer from  Feb 26th  -  June 15th  our Swimming Academy. It will be for all FDR students in EC - Grade 12 and for FDR faculty/staff that come to school, adults & Mom with babies.  

We will have a maximum of 24 participants per group starting at 5:10  p.m. from Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays. Only on  Wednesdays there will be two schedules :  3:00 p.m  for EC - Grade 12 - & Adults, and for Mom/Dad & Babies.                                                                                             4:00 p.m for EC - Grade 12 - & Adults  

and Saturdays (see schedule attached) and registration will begin on Feb,15th  

To register, you need to send an email with the student's full name, grade, copy of payment voucher, dates and time to: sflores@amersol.edu.pe  and  lvillar@amersol.edu.pe.

First page of the PDF file: SCHEDULESEM2Mon26-Jun151