Meet the Team

Ximena Nuñez del Prado
Director of Technology & Learning Innovation

Jackson Vega
IT Manager

Vision: Empower and lead the TLI team to become engineers of learning experiences and sustain the harmony of the FDR digital ecosystem.

Learning Innovation Coaches

Carla Puppo
Learning Innovation Coach

Ryan Krisch
Learning Innovation Coach

Sergio Pasco
Learning Innovation Coach Assistant

Purpose: To build our professional learning community ensuring the support and enhancement of teaching and learning @FDR and the wielding of innovative tools & practices which contribute to the school's mission.

Mission: Our mission is to give FDR community members access to quality innovative educational experiences that transform teaching & learning.

Vision: To establish FDR as a global exemplary institution in innovative education.

Learning Innovation Coaches will:

  • Model the skillsets and dispositions of a contemporary learner through the use of technology, social media and advanced personal learning networks
  • Support teachers in their action learning, growth and development of new and enhanced instructional practices.
  • Walk the talk of educational innovation through online and face-to-face interactions with faculty and in the spirit of a continued alignment with FDR learning principles.
  • Activate and coach teacher-innovation champions so that teachers become change agents of their teams
  • Stay up-to-date with research-based, learner-centered instructional strategies and assessment approaches & tools to address the diverse needs and interests of all students.

Help Desk Team

From left to right: Evelyn Morán, Ana Maria Olivares, Rubén Grados and Juan Carlos Urdanivia.

Network & Infrastructure Team

Image of Network and Infrastructure team.
From left to right: Abel Cuadros, Hector Montero, Patty Saira, Gaby Gallástegui, Raúl Delgado and Augusto Sotomayor.