Official Peruvian Program

In addition to the Colegio Roosevelt Diploma (U.S. High School Equivalent Diploma) taught in English, and the option of obtaining the IB DP Diploma, Colegio Roosevelt also offers the Official Peruvian Program (OPP). This program is accredited by the Peruvian Ministry of Education and follows the general regulations of the Peruvian Educational System and leads to the awarding of an Official Peruvian Certificate of Studies.

The Official Peruvian Program’s curriculum is aligned with the School’s IB curriculum. All courses students take are transferred to the OPP system and are included in the corresponding certification. Courses pertaining to Peruvian Social Studies (9th and 12th grade) and Communications and Literature are taught in Spanish and follow the National Curriculum guidelines. Local Peruvian teachers are in charge of these subjects. Additional credits in English and P.E. may also be required to complete the requisites for the Official Peruvian Certificate of Studies.

This program is offered to students who are native Spanish Speakers or are highly proficient in the language. An Official Peruvian Certificate of Studies is mandatory for Peruvian students and other Spanish speaking students transferring their studies or applying to Peruvian universities or universities in countries with which Peru has Cultural, scientific and educational integration treaties.

For registration in this program specific academic requirements and documents need to be submitted. See specific requirements in the Admissions section.

Cynthia Sturner OPP Director

Cynthia Sturner
Official Peruvian Program Director