For Visiting Universities

We are excited to welcome university representatives from around the world. Throughout the academic year Colegio Roosevelt hosts visiting representatives from colleges, universities and educational organizations. We do our best to accommodate the needs and preferences of visiting reps. We hope the information below may help you in planning your visit to our campus. We look forward to meeting you!

Visit Activities

Depending on the size of the visit a number of different activity formats are available to college reps. These can include: presentations, college fairs, parent sessions, one on one meetings with students and setting up in student areas for face to face meetings during breaks or lunch. We are also happy to have college reps conduct seminars or tutorials on subjects related to college admissions. We are able to make our facilities available to students, parents and counselors from other schools in Lima for these events as well. If you have a preference or special need for your visit be sure to communicate that before you arrive.

Visit Timings

The best time to visit is before and during the lunch time for students. This is from 1pm to 2pm. It is not possible for us to pull groups of students out of class to meet with reps at other times. For larger fairs and tours we may be able to arrange alternate times, but this is not guaranteed. Wednesday follows a reduced schedule and is not ideal for a visit. We also regularly host evening events when a college or group of colleges will have only one event during their stay in Lima. College reps are always able to visit us and meet with counselors as our schedule allows, but student meetings need to be arranged at the times above.

Getting Around in Lima

Traffic and delays in Lima can be a real challenge. Our traffic is infamous and if you are not used to it this can present difficulties in keeping your schedule. You will need to allow sufficient time between school visits in order to arrive on time, 45 min to one hour is typical. Although you can easily get taxis on the street, this is not recommended. There are several reliable taxi companies that you can use which can be accessed from mobile apps. You may also be able to arrange transport through your hotel.

Staying in Lima

There are many excellent places to stay in Lima. A search of hotels will reveal all of the major chains. There are also many not so excellent places to stay as well. We recommend that you stay away from anything that includes the label Hostel. Where you decide to stay will depend on your own travel schedule and budget. If you need assistance with this please contact us.