Guidance & College Counseling

The Guidance Counseling Department at Colegio Roosevelt has student success as its goal. Although this may seem contrived or obvious, counselors work to live the mission of the school and implement that mission in the lives of students every day. Specifically how does this work in the day in day out routines of school?

Our mission is to empower our students... Students are empowered when they have knowledge of self and how to interact with others. Counselors empower students by helping them to learn about themselves through meetings, consultations and assessments. During their years in High School students follow a guidance program with activities and assessments related to learning styles, multiple intelligences, exploring strengths, as well as interests, values and career preferences. With this knowledge students are empowered to make solid decision for their future.

to pursue their passion for learning... Counselors do this every day by meeting with students to help them with difficulties they may be having in class, mediating between students, advocating for students with teachers, monitoring student progress and developing solid action plans for students to overcome difficulties. Counselors meet with students one on one, in small groups and in whole grade level meetings to give information, administer assessments and promote discussion. All of this helps students to overcome obstacles they may face and truly pursue their passions.

lead lives of integrity... Above all integrity involves being true to yourself. It is the state of being whole. Counselors work with students in areas such as decision making, peer communication, conflict resolution, course and college planning and career advising. Through this students learn about themselves and are able to represent themselves as young adults with maturity and confidence. They can make decisions and take action which not only benefits themselves, but does not harm or disadvantage others.

and develop socially responsible solutions. When students make effective decisions that are balanced and fair for themselves and others, they are being socially responsible. This can be demonstrated in a student mediating conflicts between other students or making a good decision about college so as not to burden himself or his family with unnecessary debt. Students are responsible when they use what they have learned to make plans for their futures and take the necessary steps to achieve them.


Alicia Brown

HS Counselor
Grade 9

Tim Stokes
HS Counselor
Grades 10, 11, 12: A-E

Said Ghorayeb
HS Counselor
Grades 10, 11, 12: F-N

Lucrecia Rodriguez
HS Counselor
Grades 10, 11, 12: O-Z

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