Global Citizenship Program

The Global Citizenship Program (GCP) aims to bring clarity and connectivity to the systems implemented by Colegio Roosevelt to:

  • create opportunities to ensure the fulfillment of the strategic objective of having students, “choose to act as socially responsible change agents for sustainable solutions to challenges in their community.”
  • identify and develop the curricular and program connections we have to fulfilling our mission.
  • guide, support and recognize our students efforts as they pursue their passion for learning, lead lives of integrity and evolve as global citizens.

Global Citizenship Program Team

Rae Merrigan
GCP Coordinator

Skye Salveson
GCP Coordinator

David Rynerson

Zoe Ponce

Darren Donauer
GCP ES Co-Lead

Pia Alvarez
GCP ES Co-Lead

To learn more about Global Citizenship Program, visit:

GCP Website