Leading Lives of Integrity


core value_integrity
We  believe that individual integrity is fundamental
to a healthy community.


Our definition of integrity:

All members of our community will consistently align their words
and actions, take responsibility of the consequence of their choices

Our definition of integrity directly stems from one of our three, mission-aligned strategic objectives:

All students will:

  • consistently engage in exploring and sharing diverse learning experiences in pursuit of educational excellence (pursue their passion for learning).

  • consistently align their words and actions, take responsibility for the consequences of their choices and treat themselves and others with respect (lead lives of integrity).

  • choose to act as socially responsible change agents for sustainable solutions to challenges in their community (create socially responsible solutions).

This page of our website is reserved for our work dedicated to integrity and inclusion. For additional information about our other two, mission-aligned objectives, please visit our pages: Student Life & Learning.