A program for children from three to thirteen years old

January 3 – 28, 2022,

Monday - Friday (8:45 a.m. – 12 noon)


Registration begins: Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

Colegio Roosevelt is happy to announce a revamped program of cultural and physical activities for FDR students only.  The fee has been reduced compared to the Summer Camp 2020 ($510).  Next year, the Summer Camp will operate at a reduced cost for the four weeks ($290 per student).  We encourage parents to register their children early as enrollment will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

We have limited space in some classes so . . . register your children early! 

Please contact Ms. Nora Márquez (camps@amersol.edu.pe) should you have questions.

Week 1 (January 3 - 7)
Week 2 (January 10 - 14)
Week 3 (January 17 - 21)
Week 4 (January 24 - 28)

  1. Make the deposits at Banco de Crédito.  
  • If you have an account at BCP, please use the following account number: 193-1491317-1-16.
  • If you do not have an account at BCP, please use this number 002-193-001491317-11612 to make the deposit.
  • The account is under the name of Instituto Educacional Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 
  • Costs:  Tuition $ 290 (4 weeks) or $ 73 (per week)

2. Submit the Electronic Registration Form

Parents must make a selection of three activities for their children (one per period) from the Master Schedule for students grades 1 to 6.  Parents need to check the Master Schedule to confirm availability of space in the activities they select for their children.  Please take note that parents of preschool and kindergarten children do not need to make a selection because children will have all their fun activities in their classes with their homeroom teacher The school will receive an automatic electronic copy of your children’s registration form.  Parents will receive a confirmation indicating that the Registration Form has been successfully received.

3. Up-load the deposit slip when filling out the Registration Form according to the instructions provided, Please remember that the school needs to receive the Registration Form with the deposit slip up-loaded, as indicated, in order to consider the student registered.

MISSION and program characteristics

“Colegio Roosevelt´s Summer Camp is dedicated to provide an experience which will stay with our campers for a lifetime.”

The Summer Camp 2022 will offer children the opportunity to participate in a revamped, more demanding academically structured program in the main areas, however, it will still maintain its recreational nature.  We have prepared a variety of fun events in a safe environment. Through our efforts, we open the door to the building of self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.  The camp staff is composed of certified classroom teachers who have been trained to comply with the school´s safety protocols. Teachers and coaches will be assisted by qualified high school upperclassmen.

The program consists of three 50 minute periods every day for students in grades 1 to 6.  Parents need to choose the cultural or physical activities for their children. When applicable, students will be grouped according to their age and grade level.  The guidelines and safety procedures will be aligned with the school´s safety protocols and will be           enforced in each specific activity. 

Because of the distance restrictions, we will not offer school transportation for this program.  Parents will need to bring and pick up their children.  

The guidelines and safety procedures will be aligned with the school´s safety protocols and will be enforced in each specific activity.  Because of the distancing protocols, parents need to be informed that the enrollment in all activities will be limited.

Much to the Administrative Team’s regret, we will not be able to offer some of the traditional Summer Camp activities such as the EC/K Sandcastle Day, Family Campout Night, Open House, etc.  This due to the safety and distancing protocols the school has implemented.  However, we will use our imagination to offer some recreational activities.


Warning on Apple iOS 13.2 Please remember that you may NOT select 3 different classes for EC3, EC4 and Kindergarten students.



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To download the Master Schedule pdf file click here


for students from 1st to 6th grade
(8:50 - 9:45)
(9:50 - 10:55)
(11:00 - 11:55)
  Table Tennis Mini Master Chefs Music to my Ears
1st - 2nd Badminton Summer Math Soccer
  Baseball Bicycling  
  Music to my Ears Baseball Soccer
3rd - 4th Summer English Table Tennis Summer Math
  Swimming Fun Badminton Summer Science
  Skateboarding   Bicycling
  Mini Master Chefs Summer Science Art Studio
5th - 6th Summer Math Swimming Fun CreaCode
  Music to my Ears Skateboarding Table Tennis
    Music to my Ears Baseball