School Bus Transportation

student using school bus transportation
Colegio Roosevelt School Bus Service Transportation provides daily travel to and from school.

The Bus Service that the School offers is partially outsourced. The drivers belong to the transportation company "Movilbus". The buses are owned by the School. The routes are designed and managed jointly by both Movilbus and the School Staff who work in the Transportation Office.

The types of Transportation Service that the School provides are three:

  1. "Round Trip", with which the student is picked up from home in the mornings to come to the School, and returned to home in the afternoons according to the corresponding departure time.
  2. “One Way in the mornings”, with which the student is only picked up at home in the mornings but does not use the Bus in the afternoons to return home.
  3. “One Way in the afternoons”, with which the student is only returned home from the School in the afternoons at the corresponding departure time, but does not use the Bus in the mornings to come to school.

If you want to contract the bus service, there is an application (App) for mobile devices (compatible with apple and android), which will allow you to register your service request. This application called "FDR Go" is necessary and is the only way to request the Transportation service in our Institution.

Parents may sign up for bus service at any time once their student has been admitted. Once the bus service has been contracted, the student will continue to have the service, semester after semester, until the parents decide to cancel the bus service, for which they must email the Transportation Office requesting the cancellation.

The Transportation Office is located on the school campus in the Maintenance building, in front EC building, near gate #9. Can be contacted at 1412, 1413 or 1441 internal phones or at the email