Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Councils for Early Childhood, Elementary School, Middle School and High School are designed to enhance and facilitate communication between parents and school principals and/or administration. Each Council consists of an Advisory Liaison (PTA-appointed and a member of the Executive Committee) and 1 or more (parent) Grade Representatives for each grade level. These Councils meet with their school principal on a monthly basis to talk about new initiatives, parent concerns and any other issues that parents and principal determine necessary to discuss. To create the Council, the Advisory Liaison, for their respective schools, selects one or more Grade Representative/s for each grade level. Parent volunteers for these positions are solicited at the end of each school year and on the ROL (Registration OnLine form). Please contact the pta if you are interested in volunteering for this role.

In order to ensure that the Councils have an opportunity to hear from all parents, there is at least one Parent Coffee per semester, organized by its Grade Representatives, to address topics of interest for the entire grade level. Topics of concern are also solicited via email from your Grade Rep or, as in the case of Elementary School via emails from HomeRoom Parents, which are then relayed to Grade Reps and taken to the monthly meeting. To ensure that you are abreast of issues in your students’ grades, please get to know your Grade Representatives. They are a great source of information and a good point of contact to find out what is happening throughout the year.