Parents Association

The Parents' Association (PTA) is an organization that both represents and includes all Roosevelt parents. There are no dues or membership fees.
Volunteers are always welcome! If you are interested in finding out how to become involved in the PTA, please contact the PTA Office

PTA Purpose (as stated in its Bylaws):

To strengthen the Roosevelt community and foster a sense of unity among students, parents, teachers and staff in support of the school's mission.

  1. Promoting the welfare of students through parent involvement in school and student activities. Bringing together families of different nationalities by promoting understanding and cooperation, without discrimination.
  2. Promoting school spirit and pride.
  3. Promoting school's core values.
  4. Facilitating respectful communication.
  5. Supporting fundraising activities of the school.
  6. Supporting the improvement of the school's services.

Keep up to date about activities, seminars, conferences, parent coffees and other school events through:

PTA Executive Committee 2020-2021

Soledad Sui (Peru)
Andrea Lopez (Peru)
Claudia Diaz (Peru)
Evangelia Buona (Greece)  Secretary
Mariana Zavala (Peru)
EC Liaison
Monica Borjas (Peru)
ES Liaison
Meritxell Thorndike (Peru)
ES Liaison
Vanessa Riofrio (Peru)
MS Liaison
Sue McCulley (USA)
MS Liaison
Nicola Johansson(Jamaica)
HS Liaison

PTA Calendar
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