Parents Association

Image of Roosevelt PTA logo with traditional FDR colors red, dark blue and white.

The Parents' Association (PTA) is an organization that both represents and includes all Roosevelt parents. There are no dues or membership fees.
Volunteers are always welcome! If you are interested in finding out how to become involved in the PTA, please contact the PTA Office at 

PTA Mission:

Our purpose is to strengthen the Roosevelt Community and foster a sense of unity among students, parents, teachers and staff in support of the school's mission.

PTA Goals:
  1. To have the PTA act as an effective bridge between school and parents. 
  2. To foster a sense of unity, inclusion and respect among our community members. 
  3. To increase the sustainability of our events.

Keep up to date about activities, seminars, conferences, parent coffees and other school events through:

PTA Executive Committee 2021-2023

Soledad Sui Co-President

Andrea Lopez   Co-President

Claudia Diaz Treasurer

Monika Jalan Secretary

Patricia Monroy EC Liaison

María Eugenia Feijoo ES Liaison

Gabriella Torres ES Liaison

Vanessa Riofrío MS Liaison

Neni García MS Liaison

Cecilia van Oordt HS Liaison