An Alumni Association Steering Committee was formed in May 2015 to create the groundwork for an Alumni Association. This Steering Committee was made up of alums from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s, all of whom shared the same love and appreciation for the school. This common factor helped them work together and create the framework for the current Colegio Roosevelt Alumni Association, developing its purpose statement, strategic objectives and strategies.

The Colegio Roosevelt Alumni Association is the result of not only the Steering Committee's work, but also of the ideas, efforts and vision of countless alums and school administrators that came before. We acknowledge and thank them for their ongoing passion and love for Colegio Roosevelt.

The 2015 Alumni Association Steering Committee Members were:

Omar Arabe '97 Daniela Belmont '90 Lucia Benavides '05 Ana Maria Bitar '97
Ana Rosa Cárdenas '99 Ricardo Cárdenas '84 Andrea Com '99 James Cunningham '78
Elio Jordán '04 William Law '64 Eloisa Liendo '75 Erik Lind '97
Mary Nakada '94 Guillermo Palomino '79 Bruno Salvetti '89 Willy Sono '73

Heidi Uchiyama '05 Kerry Jacobson, Superintendent